What is “A Taste of the Tease?”

It starts with intention.Who are you and what d726235_808f6e28ab514fba9a488a29df01f373o you want?

Sex is different from sexy, and I am selling neither.

Your arousal, not my goal, yet still my reward.

This ownership of your will, an acknowledgement of your flesh, an exploration of light as energy, as attraction, as love, lust, and lonliness.

We need  this moment to become primal, to inhale the secret of wanting.

Realize it is our own desire that tempts our epidermis thick, and stretches our pupils wide enough to capture glimpses of the forbidden.

Take away the danger of falling down the rabbit hole, and instead explore what this tunnel of possibilities has to offer.

Slippery when wet, so dig your heels in, don’t just skim the surface. Peel back a layer and see what’s just below your knowing.

This is where we will begin.



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On Friday December 11th, 2015 at 7:30pm I will be teaching A Taste of the Tease in partnership with Recreative Spaces at  3501 Perry Street, Mt. Rainer, MD.

Don’t worry I will not be asking anyone to be the nudist that I am, but I will be tempting you to do so. This workshop is a step before anything ever comes off. It is the acknowledgement that we are so incredible that you should not be bound to the fabric of our lives…ie, clothes. So do not fear showing all of your unmentionables, but do come and explore what it feels like to unfasten the first button, or peel off a winter scarf with confidence. Get your tickets for the class online at the following link : A Taste of the Tease Workshop


…for the art of it