Revisit,Rewrite,then spill

I often get inspired by the photographers that I work with. Sometimes I visit their work and wish that the photos were not of me, but taken by me, so that I would not look so egotistical by surrounding myself with them. I honestly get bored of looking at myself. Anyway, when I am not “being over” myself I get inspired by minute details of a photo that I may have missed before, or a line from a random “napkin poem” makes it’s way to my consciousness, while updating my portfolio, then PADOW! I’m newly inspired for another five minutes and I try to catch it and this time, fortunately actually blog it.

So, that was a lot of build up for my “napkin poem photographer envy,” but here is the result. I forced myself to write the first sentence of the book, poem, script, I am going to write. This was it.

“Northwest Invasive Plants” -this is a working title lol

Black chipped nail polish lazily slathered a top mermaid blue, also chipped. Half shadowed by manicured evergreens, an invasion. Northwest black beauty, blackberry. Thorns red, and blistering into shiny tips awaiting a frail lacey breeze to tangle, squeeze, juice the sweetest ever tasted, spilled drop by drop onto  own leaves.

She Spills


Shout out to Byrd Waters for a random rainy day photo date.



…for the art of it


What is “A Taste of the Tease?”

It starts with intention.Who are you and what d726235_808f6e28ab514fba9a488a29df01f373o you want?

Sex is different from sexy, and I am selling neither.

Your arousal, not my goal, yet still my reward.

This ownership of your will, an acknowledgement of your flesh, an exploration of light as energy, as attraction, as love, lust, and lonliness.

We need  this moment to become primal, to inhale the secret of wanting.

Realize it is our own desire that tempts our epidermis thick, and stretches our pupils wide enough to capture glimpses of the forbidden.

Take away the danger of falling down the rabbit hole, and instead explore what this tunnel of possibilities has to offer.

Slippery when wet, so dig your heels in, don’t just skim the surface. Peel back a layer and see what’s just below your knowing.

This is where we will begin.



ReCreative Spaces Logo

On Friday December 11th, 2015 at 7:30pm I will be teaching A Taste of the Tease in partnership with Recreative Spaces at  3501 Perry Street, Mt. Rainer, MD.

Don’t worry I will not be asking anyone to be the nudist that I am, but I will be tempting you to do so. This workshop is a step before anything ever comes off. It is the acknowledgement that we are so incredible that you should not be bound to the fabric of our lives…ie, clothes. So do not fear showing all of your unmentionables, but do come and explore what it feels like to unfasten the first button, or peel off a winter scarf with confidence. Get your tickets for the class online at the following link : A Taste of the Tease Workshop


…for the art of it



Pattern #1

Photo by Ken Beach

Photo by Ken Beach

Grazing follies, falling foolishly before me.

Accepting, I foolishly fail me.

Solar Plexus, perception, a “could be.”

What we want, not always our reality.

Our truth more dynamic than our dreams.

Yet we thrive off of the lies of fantasies.

Without you there’s no me, now we’re both deceased.

Grazing follies don’t warm beds, they fill vacancies.

Get numb to be done,

wash, rinse, and repeat.


…for the art of it

Beyond Words


If I could write you, you would not be a poem you would be a novel, full of fields of flowers that we would roll around in, moist with dew and lost in time.

Sandy beaches would absorb us in its rip tide, we would return to the source and be birthed into ecstasy.

A mystery never to be solved and the greatest love story never told.


If I could write you, I would use led on cotton instead of pen on paper so that the words would slowly fade over time and I could rewrite us compulsively, impulsively adding new comprehension to torn edges and weakened fibers.


If I could write you I would need to be perched on a mountain side to absorb the full breadth of your existence and the magnitude of your unwavering love that only a birds eye view could contain.


If I could write you I would not need you the way that I do, and that thought alone is enough for me to never write a…


All photos by Jim of NatLight Studios in Palo Alto, California

…for the art of it