Say It Slow

What the hell is Say It Slow? Well truthfully it is a challenge for me to see if all of the little closeted freaks out there will come out and share some of their kinky thoughts with me in a sexy room called the Grotto at the Rendezvous in Seattle, WA. (2322 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121)

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Why, well mostly because I like writing erotica, and feel I would write more of it if I found others who also enjoyed it. Now, this is a VERY broad definition, this “erotica” that I speak of. Sometimes it is a simple poem about eye contact. Other times it can be a play by play of your adventures from the night before that inspired you to write a song. We all have those thoughts written on napkins then tucked away deep in the corners of our wallets, only to be remembered as a thought. Yes, bring those, bring all of those.  Oh, you don’t have anything written, but you want to come and play anyway, NO PROBLEM. Starting at 5:00pm I will be hosting a guided writing happy hour upstairs in the Velvet Lounge to get you all lubed up for the show! So if nothing else, come out and have a drink and write with this guy…


This monthSPECIFICALLY I am super excited that my friend and writer crush Anastacia Tolbert will be our feature “erotiq specialist” (said in some sort of accent). Through one word conversations she inspires pieces like this little gem:

Dirty Chai.


I find pleasure in foam

the topping before the hard shit

Before the bitter sting

the spicy do-nots and dos

the unmistakable blend of just right and right now

with lingering coffee grinds and cinnamon waste

I waste not

so I tip my tongue in room temperature temptation

finding simple pleasure in complex aromas

Slowly I release my senses

and dive into dirty chai.


Yep, that was T-TOTALLY inspired by the subtle flame that is Anastacia. She will be reading from her newest book Answer (Me).



Anastacia Tolbert

So join us this Wednesday September 27th with your lusty and loving stories, poems, and songs to Say It Slow.

Ooh Ooh Ooh I forgot one thing. Advance tickets are only $5. So, yes, go on and get them in advance, they will be $10 at the door.

Say It Slow Tickets




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