“Whitewashed”- A new act

Last week I had the honor of performing with Sinner Saint Burlesque at Theatre off Jackson, in “Revolution.” When I was approached about doing a race piece with a primarily white burlesque group, I thought it would be a great way to open up some honest dialogue about race. Though as I began to create the work I began wanting to talk and “process” less, and just wanted to go through the experience of being constantly bombarded with whiteness as if it is my cultural norm right there on stage. What imprint do you leave with someone when you make it clear that who THEY are is “other” and they should adjust accordingly? Well that is what this piece “Whitewashed” is all about.

Artistic Description:

This race thing, this abstraction of identity, this white as right, this Becky and pumpkin spice, this fetishized, this held down, this stolen exotic, this thick is healthy, this privilege, this Mr. Master, translucent truth, this reflection, this here and now not then and there, this them not me, this race thing.”

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All photos by Mandy Flame

…for the art of it


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