Namii Returns to Seattle

It has been almost two years since I last stepped foot in Seattle, and I am too excited about my return. I must give most of the credit for my return to Sinner Saint Burlesque. They sought me out after hearing about my one womyn show, “Swing,” that debuted in 2014. They had been following my work and invited me to perform for their Forces of Nature show!!!!


Since I am going to be in Seattle I figured it would be a great opportunity to work with two collaborators that I absolutely adore. Imani Sims and Briq House! Imani is so awesome she even offered part of the proceeds of her Afrofuturism show to go towards helping out Earth Pearl Collective.

Tuesday TeaseWait, wait, wait, that’s not all! I am super excited about another show that I will be doing while I am in the area, Tuesday Tease. This show will give me the opportunity to perform with a live band. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?! Since I have the advantage of live music I have to bring you some Broadway to the stage.




Now I could not come all the way across the country and not stay for a few extra projects, so I am also booking several photoshoots and figure drawing classes in the area. I do have a few slots left, so if you or someone you know is looking to do something new, please hit me up!


…for the art of it.


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