1 Day Away!

So I have not posted nearly as much as I would have liked about all of the work I have been doing to prepare for “SWING,” but I am hoping that this show will be mounted several more times and I will have the opportunity to continue exploring each piece deeper with each show. I can not believe that the world premier is tomorrow!

With this show I have shed more tears than I have on any other project I have ever worked on. Yes, there are a lot of personal stories being shared, but there are an equal amount of other people’s stories being shared, and I want to make sure that I honor these womyn’s struggles. I described my process to a friend today as “therapy on crack.” I spent afternoons in rehearsal in a tight ball in the corner crying uncontrollably, about the audacity of grown men taking advantage of young girls, the spiteful hatred that womyn spew at each other because of their own insecurities, and sometimes I cried just because my body needed the release after a long rehearsal.

Now this show is not all gloom and doom. I am finally getting the opportunity to sing some of my original music that has been in tattered notebooks for years. I am also GEEKED about having an actual audience to interact with for some of the more fun and sexy parts of the show.Yes, there is audience participation, so if you are coming to the show prepare to get involved.

I may make you uncomfortable….

I may crawl on top of you…

You may witness the darkness that makes my light…

Here is the song that has fueled many of the pieces of “SWING”


And here are a few pictures from the final days of rehearsal

CAM00486 CAM00496 IMG_0282 CAM00487

…for the art of it

unnamed (4)



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