The making of “Swing”

This is a video I recorded while in my first rehearsal at the theatre where my new one womyn show, “Swing” will take place. I am reciting a written assignment I gave myself to figure out what this piece is about at it’s core. The discovery…it’s about EVERYTHING lol.

I begin working on my one womyn show, “Kink,” almost two years ago now, and kept running into some unresolved issues with myself and my healing process in regards to sex, sensuality, alternative lifestyles, etc. I even had a dear friend ask me how I became so sexually open due to the many traumas that happened to me and the people around me. That question sent me on a mission to document what that journey was.

For the journey, the love, the art, the passion, the light, the pain, and of course…

…for the art of it.


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