Milk…does a body good.

Milk...does a body good.

Photo by Tommy Edwards

So this was my idea. I wanted to do something sexy to summit to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. I have fairly dark skin and love how I look in white, though I never wear it. Now what could be sexier than liquid white? A combination of creme and white chocolate was the secret of achieving this dripping sensation. Yes, it is meant to be suggestive. I see nothing wrong with a suggestion, do you?

Now I did not get chosen, but doing this shoot allowed me to see myself in a way I had given up on. I first got into modeling when I was living in Miami, and wanted to be like all of the video girls dancing in the videos and sitting in V.I.P. with all of the stars. I wanted to be seen as “fuckable,” even though I was a proud virgin. Perhaps that is one of those things that can not happen until after one has sex. It was worth the wait. And this photo proves it! So Miami, I am ready for you now!


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