Namii is “Choo Choo Shaboogie”

On February 19th at the Can Can my burlesque character Choo Choo Shaboogie finally came to life the way I have been wanting her to at the sexiness that is “Dripping”. I felt that as long as I was using Namii as an “all things art” name that my burlesque could not go as far or be as fun as I wanted it to be. Now granted, I understand that the name is just half the battle, but if you have seen my previous acts, then take a look at this one, I am sure you will see a difference.

Secondly I LOVE TINA TURNER. Always have and always will. I have been longing to do this routine for years, but either did not have a costume worthy enough or the mood of the show was too serious, or as usual I was pulling something out of my ass to perform…Tina is worthy of actual preparation.

As a closing I would like to thank Boom Boom L’Roux, Briq House, Taboo, The Can Can and the fabulous Katrina for making this performance possible. This is only the beginning.


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