Reflecting on Body Warriors



Body Warriors was the closing event for Earth Pearl Collective’s “Body Embodied” exhibit is Seattle, WA.

The evening was suppose to be a soundboard for four fierce queer womyn of color performers who, in my personal opinion, are not getting nearly the credit they deserve for the work they are doing. AT the last minute one of the womyn had to drop out, which left me to fill in the gap. Now, I have no problem performing at the last minute, because usually that is how I end up performing in the first place. I have actually learned to not book myself in any production that I am recruiting talent for, because there is a possibility that I will need to act as a fill in act. And so is life. 

Anyway, body Warriors felt different somehow. I did not want to prepare, I wanted to experience what I was fed by the audience, by the other performers, by myself. Being the theatre geek that I am I knew I wanted something with powerful words that would guide me through this journey and “The Color Purple” seemed to fit the bill. The character Ceily performs  a song called “I’m Here,” which is her proclamation of how she has managed to feel whole in her body and in her life through all of the physical, verbal, and sexual abuse she dealt with all of her life. As an older womyn, at this point in the play, she is able to laugh loud, flirt sexy, and stand up for herself. All things that I am personally battling during this Saturn Return I am currently in. I have included the link to the video below in case you are not familiar with the musical.

Can Ceily be sexy, like burlesque sexy? Well, I was about to find out.



YES SHE CAN!!!!!!!

The audience was in love, conflicted, slightly tortured (only slightly), and confused. lol. I was told after the performance that, “I did not know what to do. You were so precious and sweet, yet you were ripping your clothes off and staring me in the eyes. ” I was staring you in the eyes, because you called me over to do so, rather you knew it or not. ” I wanted to shout and howl like I usually do at burlesque shows, but I felt that I was intruding on a genuine transformation.” It was a genuine transformation, and I have not been the same since the performance.

I do not know if this piece will be repeated, because it was so unique to the month of workshops about body image, and the tears and laughter from the intimate conversations about self care and gender conforming. The piece was powered by the momentum of the moment. Thank you Body Warriors and Earth Pearl Collective. These new wings are for you all.

…for the art of it


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