Blue Accents and Bodyscapes

I have been working with a new photographer Tommy Edwards ( We work very well together. Tommy is one of those guys that knows what he wants before you even step in the light, but is flexible enough to catch all of the glorious moments in between. During our shoots we talk about energy flow and how it shapes my body and moves me through poses. How to hold it and feel its power the let it go and fall victim to its gravity. He is an artist, and together we created some gallery worthy photographs.

We started out with a theme. Everything was based off of these beautiful blue shoes that he bought. Those shoes inspired this.




And then we let the clothes go and started to explore the body. Now, any, and every time I do a nude shoot I learn something new about ways to twist and bend my body to create more abstract shapes and shadows. I am always exploring, because it is so easy for nudity to be seen as innately sexual. Not that I do not think they people will find me sexy if there are more shadows or a storyline, but I want the photos to be so compelling that rather you are turned on or not is at least the 2nd thing on your mind and not the first. 

I asked one photographer why he dedicated his portfolio to nudes only, and he explained to me that only the human flesh can create the texture and intentions that can deliver an organic story. He went on to say that the body, when it sneezes, contracts and contorts in ways that you could never capture in fabric. Hmmm good point! Loving those little details as much as I do has inspired me to shoot more nudes and try and create those micro moments through my body. Is there a thought process behind each and every photo that I take? You tell me.

So, here are the nudes you have been waiting for.


I want to do this more. It is healing for me. I want to make money doing it of course, because who doesn’t want to make money doing what they love, but more than anything it is healing. With that healing I can take my experiences to other womyn and encourage them in love, life, fitness, health, and passion. For that alone, it is worth it,

…for the art of it


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