Paint Play

I love when I get to have a new experience with a new artists. My last shoot was with a fun painter/photographer who really likes to try new things. Thank you DmItry. So we started the shoot with some fun head shots just so that I could have something for my own port.


Yes this is new hair! I was sick of picking the fro and I felt that it was getting damaged, so I had my sister sew in a few (lol) tracks to give my hair and comb a break. As I digress… I kind of wished I would have taken more photos smiling, but I am sure I will find a reason to use these as well. Every now and then it is good to show your serious side.




So after this, we went on to something a little more playful!


Now who knooooooows what these will be used for. I am hoping though that I have an opportunity to get the one with the afro into whatever the next project I am a part of that ask for a picture, because I absolutely love it. Not because it is me, but because I LOVE that dress and I feel that it is very representative of me as an artists.

Now this is what I came for…




…..for the art of it.


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