Devilish Improv


So I am sure many of you expected me to be in a full “Night of the Living Dead” Halloween costume for the class at Craftsman Art Supply here in Seattle. Well, that was the plan,  but the other model already had the creepy zombie wedding gown costume that I had planned on wearing. So, I had to scramble around my apartment looking for something creepy, or at least weird. No luck!

Improv costume time! my first idea was to take the previously mentioned wedding dress and cut it to shreds and add sticks and leaves in my hair to portray a devilish wood nymph of sorts. I grabbed the scissors, then remembered my last photoshoot in the dress and could not bring myself to destroy it. My second idea was to take a black and grey striped onsee pajama thingy that I had, go to Walgreens and get some black cat ears and tail, and paint my face like a cat and add bloody vampire teeth. The goal of that look was to be a vampire Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. I tried explaining this to my partner and her look of confusion and amusement encouraged me to go back to the drawing board once again.

It was getting late and my brain was fried. I had to be at the class first thing in the morning and I had no idea what to dress up as. Frantically digging through my closet and boxes of burlesque outfits I find a little red lingerie ensemble with ruffles and garters. Siiiiigh, what could I do with that, besides be a traditional Halloween slut. Ooooh, insert tail and horns and I am a devil! A sexy devil, but a devil none the less. I justified this to myself by saying that sex is the most evil thing some people can think of. A sexy womyn is pure evil and good for nothing but temptaion some would say. Sounded scary enough to me, so it was done.

Everyone in the class seemed shocked, including the instructor, but no one complained about the sexy suprise and instead created beautiful work inspired by it. One womyn did a digital drawing (featured at the top of the post), and another of my favorites was this one .


The best work is done by accident.


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