Namii Burlesque Preview

As I am applying to more grants and finding more places to really stretch my performance muscles I am discovering that I really need to start capturing more footage of my performances and learning how to edit videos. This is a demo reel that a dear friend of mine. Sojourner Wright, did for me at the last minute, because she is awesome! I was not going to post it, because there are so many more things I want to add to it and highlight in the few videos that I do have, but this blog is about process more than anything so I figured what the hell! This is a great starting point and I can not wait to take it to the next level. I want to master the art of burlesque dance. It seems to be a small goal, but my inspiration, Chicago based performer Po’Chop ( has really made me want to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished through burlesque. It is not just about taking off clothes, but taking off layers of oppression, layers of conflict, stripping down to what we are or what we think we are. It is a constant process of self-reflection for me as I perform and hold up mirrors to my audiences. Today my body, tomorrow the world!


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