The Lion Tamer

Temptations run deep amongst us all rather you are single, dating, sleeping around, married, or practically so. i had a conversation with a friend about how a lion in a cage is still a lion and should not be trusted with a sheep. My response was of course in the form of a poem, and is of course enhanced by a piece done by an artist I admire named Alvin the Third. (check him out here :

I modeled  for this picture that sold just days after its creation. A little bitter, because I wanted it for myself, but that is neither here nor there.Anyway though my friend and I were talking about sexual temptation, I thought that this poem was just as fitting with this picture of me taming this crazy mane of mine.


This lion tamer keeping beast at bay.

Melodic, soothing, tempting

cage side.

Dangling, raw, vivacious

beast needs free-

-dumb founded by the taming

like the shrew.

This lion tamer keeping beast at bay.

Roaring small.

Licks paw.

Thorn in deep.

Dripping, drooling beast

dripping, drooling, this be bestiality.

I am open,

the cage is open.

Peering over broad nose


is well, as well

gazing sheepishly into submission.

This lion tamer keeping beast at bay.

Spooning, mounting,riding imaginary expectations

with a loving whip.


Backing up in the corner

I corner and stand strong to this cowering.

Walking away…

this ion tamer keeping beast at bay.


So black womyn have this love hate relationship with their hair like we have with sex, like we have with our bodies, like we have with ourselves….and so continues…”Kink”




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